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Dickson “Dixie” Carroll: Color, Whimsy and more

By Steve Buck

Steve Buck, Dixie Carroll

“Form and function in a riot of color and whimsy”

The description you see above is the headline for a Washington Post article on classmate Dixie Carroll’s show of his colorful creations in wood, running through July 11 at the Addison/Ripley Gallery in the heart of Georgetown, DC. The full article is here.

On Saturday, June 22, I went to Dixie’s talk at the gallery, and then interviewed him afterward. There was a capacity crowd, 50-plus people who asked questions long after Dixie’s talk. I enlisted the very capable assistance of Dixie’s talented daughter Vaughan to record our interview.

Below, please have a look at the four short interview clips and the photos of two of his particularly powerful works: Many Voices and Au Clair de la Lune. Dixie’s artist comments on both of these pieces follow the photos.

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Au Claire de la Lune

Au Claire de la Lune

Many Voices

Many Voices

Au Claire de la Lune
(By the Light of the Moon)

Completed in 2017, well before the horrific fire that almost destroyed Notre Dame de Paris on Monday, April 14, 2019, here is an homage to Paris: an impression of the cathedral on the Île de la Cité. The viewer is standing on the Pont de Tournelle over the Seine, looking downstream at the apse, the nave, the transept and spire, then the twin belfries beyond. The river is turned down to give the illusion that the viewer is seeing the water and the boats pass under him on the bridge he is standing on. To the right of the cathedral is the Pont St. Louis which leads to the island of St. Louis (not shown). A gigantic full moon overhead illuminates the surrounding clouds, the cathedral below, and its surroundings; stars and constellations shine brightly. Here and there, comets streak across the sky. Below, several bateaux mouches pass one another going in different directions at high speed, making big wakes in the brisk current. To the left of the cathedral, Saint-Germain-des-Prés is represented; on the right are the Tour Saint-Jacques and the Saint-Eustache church. These three monuments are all found in this direction and in this order, but not nearly as close to the cathedral as shown.

Many Voices

An abstract sculpture which evokes for the author the many human voices, their diverse feelings and points of view, be they in opposition or in concert.

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7 comments to Dickson “Dixie” Carroll: Color, Whimsy and more

  • Jean McK.

    We featured Dixie’s lovely and unique sculptures on our class website once before – way back in 2007. Video formats have changed since that time, and we were unable to retain the original movie from then. However, we’re extremely pleased to be able to feature him once again this year, thanks to his daughter Vaughan’s wonderfully skillful video and photographic work!

  • Norm Jackson

    Beautiful stuff, Dixie, great to see! You’re obviously a master of form & colour!

    I haven’t tried any sculpture for years, but I do try to take a few pictures from time to time:

    Glad to see you’re well & happy! All the best, Norm

  • Hurray Dixie!!!! Almost as good as being there!

  • Neal Freeman

    While I don’t know enough to give your work a proper noun, Dixie, I know enough to recognize rare talent when I see it. Amazing stuff, old friend. Thanks for sharing it with us artless folk. Neal Freeman

  • Breaux Castleman '62


    Nice to see your artistic powers continue to accelerate. Sorry we were not able to get to the opening personally. Terrific pieces in a wonderful show.

  • David Scharff

    As the proud owner of two of Dickson’sculptures, one of which (In the Forest) was featured in Steve’s interview, and the other visible in the background entitled “Mission Sunrise”, Jill and I were also thrilled at the show, which as several of you are saying, demonstrates his continuing “acceleration” of creativity. He also was our architect, so our house is full of colorful rooms like his sculpture. Our kids’ friends, many years ago, would come into the house and say “What are your parents on?” Living with and in Dickson’s creativity has been a real joy for a long time. David Scharff

  • mike moore

    Holy Mac! It took a few days, some reflection and patience before I finally figured out how to see your exhibit. We have your abstraction of our Rocky Mountains home hanging in our stairwell inviting wonderful expressions of glee from unsuspecting visitors.

    Much love