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Yale 62

California in Flames

Some classmates have let us know how they’re faring. (Thank you, all!) We will add to what we have here as more classmates contact us.

From Chip Neville: “These are not the first Cal, or Colorado, or Arizona, or Alaskan, or Canadian wildfires, and they won’t be the last. A few years ago, a severe Colorado wildfire almost crossed the hill and almost reached the Air Force Academy. Welcome to Global Warming! The cause is the drying out and heating up of the North American West. After one of their particularly severe wildfires, Canadian experts warned that the Boreal Forest may be gone in a generation. Welcome to Global Warming! See my long article on our class website, ‘The Looming Climate Crisis‘ which I wrote a few years back.”

From Pearce Hurley: “Hello Steve and Dick and Chris, from Berkeley – We have lost power briefly, but I had anticipated and had got a generator, so fridge saved.

“I have had a number of friends in nearby communities who have had to evacuate, and some last year who lost their homes.

“So far, we have been spared in Berkeley. BUT, it has become very scary here! Berkeley is at very high risk, especially in the hills where my wife and I live. Earthquakes are now relegated to a low worry.

“Despite Berkeley’s reputation as being so “progressive”, also very worrisome is that its city government is notably incompetent, and in the case of fire danger, has not been removing tinder brush or the highly flammable eucalyptus trees.

“We now keep our fingers crossed from year to year, hoping we make it through October intact.”

From John Livingston: “Looking at TV, I’m sure most people are viewing California as Armegeddon and the ferocity of flames and winds have indeed been a real challenge for over 4000 firefighters. We in the Napa Valley are on the southern outskirts with smoke, power failures during the last week or so, but no evacuations necessary. Finally the winds have subsided and total containment seems probable by next week. Anger, blame and harassment of power company employees are unfortunate responses by some encouragement from politicos. Mostly communities are reaching out to help evacuees and first responders. Most of our vineyards were picked before all this happened. That’s the short report!”

From Bill Wheeler: “Ingrid and I are fine; fortunately the fire did not affect us at our current home in Tiburon, Marin Co. nor in our properties in the lovely little town of Healdsburg, including you may remember the Old City Hall and Jail, now tenanted by the Oakville Grocery and five other tenants. But it came close!

“But it was very scary for us and so many others. We were very lucky and thank the Gods above. There were so many less fortunate, as we saw driving around the area yesterday. Wow, life is wonderful, but can suddenly turn against you. Keep smiling and enjoy what we have been given!

“Best to you all. Bill and Ingrid Wheeler”

And from Phil Proctor, who spoke of politics, in addition: “We live in the hills halfway into Benedict Canyon. which is located between Beverly Glen and Coldwater Canyon, above Beverly Hills; and though we’ve had to evacuate in the past, all the present conflagrations are safely distant — although the Skirball fire was the closest so far!

“Meanwhile, I’m more concerned about the flaming idiot in the White House and his hot-headed flunkies, so I am presently putting the finishing touches on an illustrated handbook titled: ‘What to Say to your crazy Right-wing Uncle: Talking Points for Liberals,’ co-authored by Samuel Warren Joseph, with whom I created the political comedy, ‘GOD HELP US,’ starring Ed Asner as God, now touring the US and Canada to great reviews,

“And I recently performed in a satire about Trump’s reign and we plan to stage some of the CRAZY UNCLE dialogues on social media soon, so stay tuned …”

Classmates – both those affected by the fires and others who wish to say something – are encouraged to post their own comments at the bottom of this page as well. Thanks!