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Yale 62

Art: the “harmonious free-play of imagination and understanding” in search of “beauty, truth, and insight” and finding a ponderable, tangible result.

By Paul Bursiek

Paul dropped us a line last summer: “Putting the inherent boredom of old age to good use, I have completed and hung at my back fence and/or house loft, multiple pieces of ‘artwork.’ For the most part, they are built of duct tape and range in size from small to quite large — several feet by several feet. Ozo, a coffee shop in Boulder, Co. displayed several of the pieces for the month of January 2023 and, with the resulting favorable response, scheduled a second show for January 2024. If curious, go to Instagram and search under: bursiekpaul. You will find 80 plus postings, each being a photo of an original work; enjoy!”

We contacted him and asked if we could show a sampling of his art here on A few of his pieces are shown below. Click on any image to enlarge it, and once enlarged, use the arrows you’ll find on the sides of the image to navigate back and forth. Use the X in the upper right to close the enlargements.


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7 comments to Art: the ‘harmonious free-play of imagination’

  • Charles E. Valier

    Having played guard on the freshman team with Paul and been a resident in Calhoun with him, as well, I was shocked to see such a burst of color. We guards were usually derided as Neanderthals so it is heartening to see such a burst of creativity from Paul. Congratulations!
    Charlie Valier

  • Jay Hatch

    Great fun! What a delightful backyard to be able to look out at each day! I’d love to have a show here at my retirement community—-it would make people smile.

  • Neal Freeman

    Hey Paul! Your roommates, Burton Grey and Mike Uhlmann, used to tell me that you, whom I regarded as one of our blocks of gridiron granite, were the real aesthete in the suite. This once, at least, they were right. Your pieces are terrific! Thanks for letting us into the backyard. Neal Freeman

  • bill leckonby

    Captain Skull- I have to agree with Charlie- quite a surprise to see awesome colors and patterns from an (outstanding) interior lineman!!!! Hope you’re doing well. Bill

  • Delightful!
    I want to invite neighborhood artists of all ages to brighten our side of a drab side fence. Maybe we can recruit Paul to guide us.
    I wanted to use the fence as a place to turn potential taggers into muralists, as they’ve done in San Francisco’s Mission Dist.
    But the neighbor, who owns both sides of the fence, objected. Tape could provide a sort of long-term/temporary medium.

  • Wow, an astonishing variety of well-done designs and approaches. I think many accomplished artists dream of such freedom.

  • Tim Hall

    I’m not an expert on art, but I love the colors and the playfulness of the subjects! And the titles are a great bonus!

    Many thanks for sharing them with us, Paul!