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August ’23 Coffee Hour Comments

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2 comments to August ’23 Coffee Hour Comments

  • Ken Merkey

    I have a problem with the climate change industry. It seems like the entire industry is one of “ Do as I say, not as I do. “ At WEF 2023 in Davos, there were 1.040 private flights, some as short as 20 minutes. Folks like John Kerry (and all of Hollywood) believe that they are “entitled” to private jet travel.

    Worldwide, we are throwing trillions of dollars at the issue. We are studying, measuring, experimenting, and trying to innovate. Our government has decided that they know what is best for us. No more gas ranges, EVs are good, fossil fuels are bad. Fossil fuels got us here and made us the greatest country on earth. Divorcing ourselves will be painful and costly. Why promote EVs when plug-in hybrids are a far better solution. Most driving is less than 50 miles per day and the gas engine would seldom turn on. The battery requires far less electricity to charge. Do we really want to be subservient to China for all those battery materials?

    If we get rid of fossil fuels where are the plastics and fertilizer going to come from?

    If renewable energy is so great, why must we subsidize every project with 50% ITC in order to get it financed? Essentially, we will be going broke but saving the planet. And how about all those other countries who are bigger polluters but could care less about the climate?

    There is only one significant answer and that is nuclear. Some countries have already made the commitment: France (62%), Belgium (46%), Switzerland (36%) and USA (18%). 38% of Connecticut’s power is nuclear. Nuclear is zero carbon emitting. Life cycle costing makes nuclear one of the least expensive options. There is nothing standing in our way except intransigence and naïve emotions.

  • Ken Merkey

    Addendum to my prior comments:

    Once again, the intellectually challenged, politically biased Biden machine chalks up another loss. Proterra, in which billions of taxpayer dollars were invested, went Chapter 11. Of course, Al Gore and Jennifer Granholm cashed out before it all hit the fan. I wonder whether any of Pelosi’s relatives cashed out as they did in Solyndra.