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Yale 62

“Creating Art”

By Fred Appell

Most of my life I’ve been interested in creating art, not as a profession but a serious hobby. I also wrote art reviews for the local Minneapolis paper, had a period when I was casting bronze sculptures, had work used to illustrate books. Now in my retirement, it has been a challenge to grow in my work. Fortunately I have had a lot of encouragement from friends, a regular following on Facebook, (and an occasional sale as I have improved).

A little bit about the images I chose for this article. I have painted many of the houses of Great Cranberry Island, Maine and will be publishing a book.

My group of Urban Sketchers in San Miguel de Allende has, during Covid, issued challenges. The cartoon is my answer to “paint your pet” when I have none. The black and white silhouettes are torn paper “cutouts,” an art form which is unusual and distinct to me. Of course there are sailboats and the sea. And I draw from the model every Tuesday night.

My email is and FaceBook: Frederick Appell photos.

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