Yale '62 - Alumni Notes - December 2002

December Alumni Notes

Our new Association of Yale Alumni delegate is David Honneus (Brewster, NY). Dave says, "it may sound trite, but I will do my best to represent the class to AYA and Yale to the class." This is not trite, it is exactly what the class should be seeking. His report on the October AYA session on "The Yale College Curriculum" will be found on our web site, http://www.yale62.org.

Those of you who attended the 40th Reunion will remember that Dave was the organizer and master of ceremonies for the delightful Friday night entertainment. His day job is in national retail sales for J.P. Morgan-Chase. Through the 70's and 80's he did interviews with Yale applicants, but says, "I could never figure out the acceptance pattern." More recently, Dave has served on the Alumni Board of the Yale Dramat. He majored in Drama and was President of the Dramat in our senior year. "I am just a loyal blue with a strong leaning to the arts." He concludes, "What else could you expect from a drama major, who is married to a dancer actress?" He met wife Virginia at Yale where she was in the Drama School.

Dave succeeds Ken Cascone (Newburgh,NY), who represented the class actively on AYA for three years. Ken, says he is "still plying his trade" as a New York City lawyer. He was the founder and regular attendee of the more or less monthly class alumni luncheons at the Yale Club. Ken is also a budding novelist having recently applied his long time interest in the American Revolution and particularly the Hudson River campaigns to a book titled "River of Triumph." He says it is "a depiction of the war, but with a contemporary mystery twist." Ken turned down one publisher because of what he called "a sub-par royalty scheme" but has the book out for consideration with another publisher. Thanks, Ken, for your years of service.

Terrence Croft (Atlanta), who was also a Drama major, reports that he "is still going strong as a court trial lawyer, mediator and arbitrator." He and wife, Merry, have six children and eight grandchildren. They spend their weekends in the north Georgia mountains hiking and hunting, as well as riding motorcycles and ATVs.

Even more of an adventurer is Rob Flint (San Francisco). Earlier this year, he completed his ninth trip to Antarctica, three full years and six summer trips. This time, he was one of ten civilians aboard the American Coast Guard icebreaker, "Polar Sea," which Rob describes as the most powerful non-nuclear icebreaker in the world. His was in charge of repairing and upgrading automatic weather stations that are used in research by the Universities of Wisconsin and Alaska.

Among our entrepreneurs, Breaux Castleman (San Francisco) is now CEO of a physicians services and Internet company, which while headquartered in New Jersey, has offices in California. This combines his previous experience coming on the heels of Breaux' extremely successful physician practice management business and less successful but fascinating go at an Internet start up.

A recent edition of the University of Arizona's Alumni Magazine features a piece on our Bob Breault (Tucson) describing his tremendous success in the optical sciences business as founder and CEO of the Breault Research Organization. Breault, who flew fighter planes in Vietnam before getting his doctorate at Arizona, has played a major role in the development of the high tech optical devices business in that state. Humble but inspiring in the article, Bob is quoted as encouraging people to "study like hell the stuff that you love - no matter what is. Determine what you love, what you have a passion for, and then study and understand it -and don't ever give up." What sage advice.

Another Arizonan, Bernie Rethore, (Scottsdale) proudly writes about his continuing Yale connections. His daughter, Alex, graduated last year while son-in-law, Glen VanZandt, has just started graduate work in the School of Forestry. Bernie says he "is enjoying post executive officer life, and am focused on the theory and practice of being an independent director." He serves on the Boards of four New York Stock Exchange companies.

The latest communication from Yale shows that nine classmates have children now attending Yale College. They are George Akerlof (Berkeley,CA), Dennis Blumer (Washington,D.C.), James Gardner (Emmaus,PA), James Long (Los Angeles), Hugh Nasr (Palm Springs, CA), Charles Nickson (Houston), David Pritzker (Alexandria,VA), Henry Smith (Scarsdale,NY) and Richard Ward (New Canaan,CT).

Tony Giamei (Higganum,CT) is among the growing list of recent retirees. He and wife Melanie say, "we are enjoying our new country home on a small lake in Connecticut." Tony's career was as a scientist in the aerospace industry.

The most recent features on the class web site were by Neal Freeman (Vienna, VA) and Bill Wheeler (San Francisco) writing on the business scandals in the United States and California wine respectively. What both have in common is having practiced their skills in a variety of different arenas. Neal heads up the Blackwell Corporation, a holding company with interests in media production, foundation management and investment counsel. He was well qualified to share his opinions about the Government's role in corporate governance.

Wheeler followed his dream and for several years owning a vineyard in California producing wine under the William Wheeler name. Since selling the property near the top of the market, he has been involved in venture capital and real estate development in Sonoma County. Bill and wife, Ingrid, spend considerable time in San Miguel, in the Central Mexican highlands about three hours drive from Mexico City. He describes it as "a place that was rediscovered (by North Americans) as an artists' colony in the 1930's and 40's and is now one of the most agreeable places to visit."

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