Alumni Notes: November / December 2010

By this YAM press time the Class of '62 70th Birthday Party and Mini Reunion in New York City will have gone into the history books with detailed report to appear in the next edition of www.Yale62.org. Hope you made it.

Bill McGlashan corrects a CorSec error in the last YAM: classmates Ken Luke and Dave Alden should have been named along with Bill as Punahoe School Class of 1958 alumni. Hopefully the President will become aware of this and all three will be invited to the White House soon. Bill has sent interesting detail about his Haute Route alpine adventure (see Sep/Oct YAM), and this will appear in the current edition of www.Yale62.org.

Unbelievable it may seem, but only a few months after completing a trip to Amazon and Orinoco river basins of Venezuela, Dave and Cindy Hummel are off again on a voyage to exotic destinations including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. This is indeed the spirit of '62!

As earlier advertised, the premier of Lew Spratlan's opera "Life is a Dream" was performed at the Santa Fe Opera Festival in August, to high critical acclaim including a glowing review by the NY Times opera critic; among the sharpest musical ears attending were some of our own Whiffenpoofs - Carl Kaestle, John Stewart, Mike Moore, Charley Michener and Terry Culver. Carl reports a grand occasion including a cast party at the Spratlans' summer home there. Congratulations to Lou on this milestone musical achievement.

Chris Lydon has sent in lively vignettes from his recent summer travels through India, interviewing a range of prominent Indian writers and thinkers for his www.radioopensource.org. (BTW - also on Twitter and Facebook)

Life begins at 70 Department - Peter Perez has just joined the Obama team as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing at the Dept of Commerce. Peter is a 40-year veteran of the manufacturing sector, eventually becoming the owner of Carter Products Co in Grand Rapids, Mich. Peter writes that US manufacturing is now a priority of the Obama Administration, which is good.

Jonathan Ater and wife Deanne, of Portland, Oregon, continue to be hard at work in efforts to bring reform to health care systems in that state. If Oregon is anything like Massachusetts, this should keep them busy for many years to come but well worth the struggle. Jonathan reports 45 years in Portland, 20 years as the senior partner of his law firm Ater, Wynne LLP, 49 years of marriage and, as of November, grandchild No. 14.

Secretary Jim White writes in that Steve Susman was seen recently at a LA Dodgers game with Frank McCourt, letting Jim infer that Steve's legal talents were lined up behind the divorce-impaired Dodgers owner. [Ed Note: your CorSec once played touch football with McCourt back in the day when he called Boston home.]

From Lyme, NH, Don Metz writes that he combines architecture practice with serious cycling focused on mountains (think Tour de France alpine stages). He recently set an age-adjusted record for the Mt Washington climb and credits it all to doping with Starbucks products.

Bob LeFevre retired in February and with wife Mary is enjoying the absence of "obligatory work". With their two Brittany Spaniels they are active with Therapy Dogs International, visiting hospitals and nursing homes from second home base, a vintage colonial in Deering, NH.

Dan Koenigsberg reports that the Yale Alumni Chorus (ex-Glee Clubbers of all ages) spent 9 fascinating days in Cuba in June/July. Group of 200+ included some 6 or 7 '62ers. Dean (of the Music School) Robert Blocker performed as well. Dan is writing up more about this for our web site.

In Memoriam. Henry (Hank) Adams (TD, St Elmo, Augmented Seven) died on February 21, 2010, in his home state of California. Hank left Yale after sophomore year and graduated from Stanford. Charles B. Gantz, who joined our class in September 1959 and withdrew in 1960, died on March 1, 1999, in California. Obituaries by Bob Oliver are on our website. [ Adams here - Gantz here ]

As ever, eager to receive your news, long or short,
Mike Kane
Corresponding Secretary