A most joyous communication came from Jim White, (Washington D.C.). Wife Catherine surprised this lifelong and long-suffering Red Sox fan with a wonderful 64th birthday gift. Jim wrote, "Catherine told me to pack a bag for an overnight stay out of Washington. As I was packing, she gave me a BoSox polo and told me the details. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed. She arranged for a pre-game guided tour of Fenway Park, got birthday wishes posted on the scoreboard and got field box seats for the game. Being the gregarious person she is, Catherine struck up a conversation with the fellow sitting next to her. As the piccolo mondo turns, lo and behold he's a classmate, Rich Kapsch, (Palatine, IL.) Notwithstanding that he was there (with his son) to see the White Sox, we had a delightful conversation."

Other retirees who wrote recently included Art Roberts (Palo Alto, CA) who advised, "I retired from United Defense (formerly FMC), my employer for 35 years. I am one of those rare people in our generation that had the good fortune to be able to be happy and prosper with one company for a whole career. Mary Ann and I still live in Palo Alto and are lucky that our children, Rob and Jane, are near by in San Francisco and Santa Rosa respectively. We spent 5 great weeks in New Zealand earlier this year driving around both islands. Not that I'm unhappy with the USA, but if I were a young person I would be sorely tempted to emigrate to New Zealand. I also go to Turkey three or four times a year as part of my continuing involvement in a company I started up there 15 years ago. My roommate Gibby LaMotte (Devon, PA) and I got together recently at our 45th high school reunion in Baltimore."

Doug Kerr (Columbus, OH), retired last year from the Computer and Information Department at Ohio State. He and wife, Wauneta, spend their summers at a family camp in the Adirondacks but are hoping to do more traveling. Doug says, "we spent three weeks in New Mexico and Arizona. I was at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque for two summers as a grad student and really enjoyed the Southwest, The trip gave us a chance to see some of the places I'd enjoyed years ago and find some new ones."

Still working but considering retirement is John Cant (San Juan, PR). His update includes, "In 1985 I was hired by the Department of Anatomy of the University of Puerto Rico. It has been very rewarding in many ways, including fieldwork in Sumatra and also eastern Ecuador. Since 1991 I have served as department chair. I am not sure how this happened; anyone who knew me as an undergraduate would question whether certain personality traits could possibly change sufficiently. At age 63 I am thinking about retirement. My wife, Ann, a social anthropologist, and I will settle in Fremont, California. I like the idea of figuring out what to do next - very likely some real activism attempting to change some of the things that are horribly wrong in America and elsewhere. For the last 15 years or so I have written letters for Amnesty International's Urgent Action Network, and I look forward to having much more time for that kind of activity."

Howard Kaufman (Miami, FL), who wrote last year on the class web site ( about his career progress from medical doctor to lawyer to public health administration, offered an update. "I am now a member of the faculty of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Miami School of Medicine. I completed the course work for my MPH and am presently writing my paper - on a suggestion for no fault insurance for injuries caused by drugs that are released by the FDA and then cause unexpected side effects. Recommend living in Florida - play tennis almost every day, did an introductory course in Spanish, and am just completing an introductory course in boating by the United States Power Squadron."

Meanwhile, Fred Starr (Washington D.C.), who is on the planning committee for next April's Mini Reunion, works in those Central Asian countries that many of us have only just heard of. "I am still puttering along at building the University of Central Asia, a coeducational, private, secular institution designed to foster economic and social development in the remote mountain regions of Central Asia, including Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan, etc. As rector, my job at present is to oversee the design and construction of 3 full campuses, all in remote mountain zones (one is on the Afghan border at 9,000 feet) and the development of undergraduate programs at all campuses."

Richard Segal (Newtown, PA) continues as CEO of Pamarco Technologies, Inc. "We manufacture printing equipment of the old fashioned kind (not digital). Of course, nearly all the input is digital, but we put ink on paper, film, corrugated board, etc. I've been in this industry for 33-years, and with this firm for the past 6 years. Our owners, a private equity fund, are looking for an exit, so we may be free to start a new career, or to continue this one indefinitely. You may recall that Bette and I were married in 1961...that was junior year. We are still together and enjoying it!"

At the other end of the anniversary list is Mike Carr (Red Hook,NY). He and wife Carolyn married in 2003. Lawyer Mike moved from private practice in Erie to a Poughkeepsie firm and is doing municipal law. Mike reports, "Carolyn has five children and eleven grandchildren and I have two and none. We upscaled, rather than down-, when we moved, that is the only way we could combine our two cluttered households."

A recently added section to the class web site is "Poetry Post". Thanks go to Paul Wortman (East Setauket,NY) and Ellery McLanahan (Atlanta, GA) for being the early contributors. Poets and would-be poets can submit their work to your corresponding secretary and it will be published.