Alumni Notes: September / October 2012

Christopher T. Cory, Corresponding Secretary. Chris@ChristopherCory.com
Stephen Buck, Co-Corresponding Secretary, rowyourboat@verizon.net
John H. Stewart, Co-Corresponding Secretary, JohnHargerStewart@gmail.com

By the time you read this, we'll have posted the reunion edition of www.Yale62.org, so this is a midsummer miscellany. Thanks for the terrific response.

First, a cheerful vignette about our bodies. Bill Doying took out a Sunfish during a summer week with his son, daughter-in-law (DIL, as he calls her) and "the World Champion Granddaughter" (WCG). "At My Lovely Wife's insistence we wore life vests with a high collar. A sudden wind shift, a half-intended jibe, and I tried to get my increasingly inflexible body under the swinging boom. It cleared -- except for the jacket collar. Before I could get loose we were over, my first capsize in any boat ever (including the incredibly tender Chesapeake sailing log canoes). We righted the hull, but it took two terrific young guys in an outboard to get me out of the water and tow us home. Fortunately, all this occurred out of sight of MLW and DIL, so the Coast Guard was not called! It was humiliating enough as it was. MLW asked me to affirm how happy I was that I had the jacket on; I insisted that if I hadn't, I'd never have needed it!"

Yet scholarship persists. You know those times when you're speaking another language and something comes out that's consistent with the language but not what you intended to say? Bill Sullivan and a colleague are researching these issues in spoken Polish and English. He lives in Poland during the academic year and teaches at Marie Curie-Sklodowska University to support his stay there. Chris Lydon says a big part of his "reunion high" has been recording conversations on the American condition for his RadioOpenSource.org with "great Yale wisemen -- Jacob Hacker, Tim Snyder, David Bromwich and the nonpareil Harold Bloom. Hacker, Snyder, Bromwich and Bloom are all active faculty members; "Bloom still teaches his own very personal and sought-after seminar, though he is 81 and in frail health."

Dep't of Generativity: After 50 years as a high-tech engineer, Jim Breese has just released "Famous by Friday," an e-book that tries to teach recent grads 47 problem-solving techniques he's learned. It's available "for your kids (and some of your grand-kids)" at Diesel eBooks. The 14th edition of Roman Weil's "Financial Accounting: An Introduction to Concepts, Methods, and Uses" comes off the presses in November. His co-authored "Handbook of Cost Management" has just gone into a revised second edition. Rick Light's career as a sculptor has lead most recently to work on a bronze bust of Marc Chagall, the Russian artist, for a client in France. John (Jay) Hatch says he is "putting living into practice," not only as an "involved" resident of Asbury Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Center in Maryland, but on the boards of Springvale Terrace, a senior living home and of its parent, Seabury Resources for Aging.

Joining many class travelers, Hatch will go to Spain and Portugal in the fall with friends from Peace Corps days. Dave Hoveland and members of his family will vacation in Tuscany in October. Rod Quainton took a two-week, post-reunion, family tour of Tunisia where he "lasted ten minutes on a camel before my hips gave out." Steve Howard and his wife, Marilyn, spent twelve days hiking in the French Alps, starting in Megeve and ending literally in the Mediterranean Sea. The wild flowers in the Alps were gorgeous, and walking to the edge of the Mediterranean with our hiking gear on, dumping it in the sand, and going swimming, was a real hoot." Paul Wortman had to skip reunion to attend the major yearly Jung conference outside Zurich. We expect to have some of his Jungian insights on the website.

Tim Adams and his wife, Mary, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 29th with classmates Steve Wilson, Clark Winslow, Dave Plimpton and Tony Shull and hockey line mates Tom and David Crosby. Tim says it "felt like Yale reunion all over again!" Wyllys Terry spent the summer in Castine, Maine (winter is Antiqua and Guatemala), "enjoying July with our two oldest grandchildren sans parents. Now that is a treat." Steve Buck devoted a much of his summer to mentoring and teaching, first with the Boys To Men organization which combines community activities for teenagers (like the Boy Scouts) with mentoring and a "rite of passage" outdoor adventure. Steve was "Grandpa," the one who supports and offers hugs, in "rites" weekends in Virginia and Vermont, and then spent most of July in Lithuania at an annual summer institute for 250 people from 25 countries where his wife Hala gives workshops using art therapy and Steve leads men's groups. (Info at www.icassi.net). In September he helped lead the Annual Gathering of Men (more info at www.menswork.org), a weekend founded by Robert Bly, the poet and author whose book "Iron John" led to the formation of men's groups throughout the U.S.


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