Alumni Notes: September / October 2010

In my last YAM column I incorrectly referred to the "50th Birthday Party" to be held in New York City the weekend of October 15-17. Silly me, trying to hold off that 70 label. The correct title of this event, now well along its planning path, is 70th Birthday Mini-Reunion Party. Contact Kirk@MacDonaldNYC.com for more details and sign up. For favorable accommodation rates, partygoers are directed to the Metropolitan Club, the Knickerbocker Club, or the Yale Club, all in midtown Manhattan.

Jim White's email address collection campaign is rolling forward, notably with a standout effort by Connecticut's Gus Hedlund, the first volunteer to complete his assignment. Gus added a whole bunch of Conn addresses, giving us a grand total to date of 565 out of a possible i.e., living Class of 1962 of 867 men.

On another frontline, Chairman Bob Oliver's 50th Reunion Survey has been mailed to all and if you have not yet responded please do now, or contact Bob if you did not receive this - oliver@moglaw.com

Veteran journalist and radio personality Chris Lydon is off to India; he says "I'm hooked on India old and new, the global, the eternal. My method is 'parachute radio.' We'll land in Bangalore, then Trivandrum in Kerala, then Delhi at the end of July." Chris says that his mantra for the trip is: "take us to your talkers." His internet radio audience can look forward to a rich stream of Chris's interviews, some of which I hope to capture for our web site.

After 19 years teaching math at Hong Kong International School, Bill Stork retired as of August 1. He will continue to live in Hong Kong, serve as AYA Regional Director (Asia) for the Yale Day of Service, and pursue other interests, to be announced. In our Fall website we will have more coverage thanks to a feature article in the School's magazine about Bill's long and rewarding career.

Rod Speer reports that he retired from US Government service in 2007 and is living in Alexandria, VA where he has resumed his scholarly interest in the British poet Lord Byron. Since retirement he has published two essays and a book on Byron and Sir Walter Scott. He currently is at work editing papers of his family forbears dating from the Revolutionary War and WWI. Under questioning, he revealed that his final tour of government duty was in charge of giving away large US Navy surplus items to cities, towns, and museums. Think ships' bells, anchors, maybe lifeboats. He will tell us more on our website.

Class champion adventurer Dave Hummel was again on the move (completing Japan and Africa in the last year), with wife Cindy, this time to the Amazon and Orinoco rivers in Venezuela. Wife Cindy has prepared a daily journal with photos that will be accessible from our Fall website.

More adventure: Bill McGlashan joined a group earlier this year making the arduous "Haute Route" trek from Chamonix to Zermatt, and credits his survival to yoga-like deep breathing. As an aside, I think Bill may be our only classmate who can sing the Punahoe High School fight song with President Obama.

Bernie Campbell says he will regret missing the 70th Birthday Party, but on that weekend he is having his own mini reunion with Mike Greeley at a place called Izaak's in Craig, Montana. Seems Bernie makes this trip an annual ritual focused on fishing and bird hunting.

After much traveling with new wife Margo, Norm Jackson is winding up his affairs in Paris, waiting for a spousal visa so that he and Margo can go to live in the western Australian city of Freemantle.

George Grumbach and wife Antonia recently returned from an environmentally-themed trip to the Peruvian Amazon, a trip sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society of which Antonia is a trustee.

Eli Newberger continues to perform high level Dixieland that you can enjoy at these web sites of his recent performances - "Stormy Monday"; "Struttin' With Some Barbeque"; "Don't Forget to Mess Around" (When You're Doing the Charleston). Many thanks for sharing, Eli.

In Memoriam: Roger Craig died on May 5 last, at his home in La Jolla, Cal. Roger's career was with the US Postal Service where he retired as Assistant Postmaster General, in charge of the Service's many real estate properties. Also Bill Reel, retired columnist for the New York Daily News and Newsday, died on May 3d. Bob Oliver is working on these obituaries for our class website (link to Craig's obituary, link to Reel's obituary), and Chris Lydon will add a special tribute to Bill Reel.

As ever, eager to receive your news, long or short,
Mike Kane
Corresponding Secretary