Alumni Notes: September / October 2008

Hello again, and in the BTW department, anyone wanting to know of classmates living nearby should let me know, because I have an Excel class list sorted by state of residence and it is easy to share this information.

Rick Light has sent in good news from Kalamazoo, Michigan where he has been a prime mover in the revitalization of that city's downtown. Recently the Urban Land Institute cited Kalamazoo as one of the top ten turnarounds in the country, and a big factor in that award was a new downtown park for which Rick was the design coordinator.

From Charles Mills comes word that he has been writing a syndicated column which can be viewed at www.fgfbooks.com . His instructions are to click on e-package and then on his name.

Class Secretary Jim White (jameskwhite1221@aol.com) reports: "My wife Catherine and I were in Seattle in June. We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, an island the size of Manhattan but with just 23,000 residents, where we met up with classmate Chris Snow and his wife Cameron. Chris retired a few years ago after a distinguished career in the Foreign Service. He is now on the Bainbridge City Council, an elected position, and was formerly its chair. Cameron is a TV producer and artist (and an excellent cook too, Chris says). Both are knowledgeable botanists, as we learned on a stunning two hour walk in the 150 acre Bloedel Reserve, an edenic Northwest forest of Evergreens, of course, but also Douglas fir, red cedars, and hemlocks; flowers of all sorts, in gardens and along lovely paths; ponds, meadows, wildlife habitats; and even a waterfall, all of which Chris and Cameron delighted in describing in passionate detail."

An incredibly alert classmate named Bob Oliver sent in a page from Phil Proctor's pre-high school (the Allen Stevenson School in NYC where Phil was Class of 1955) alumni magazine (Lamplighter), where many of Phil's feats in the entertainment world are detailed, some of which have been reported in our www.Yale62.org but some we have missed. For example, he "has done, in various languages and accents, voices for the (video) games Bourne Supremacy, Space Siege, and Assassin's Creed . . . who knew?." Sorry, Phil, but YAM space rules do not let me print all the other impressive credits listed in the Lamplighter. Ed. Note: Bob Oliver reveals he too attended the Allen Stevenson School.

From the Big Apple, Ken Cascone writes to remind us of the monthly Class of '62 lunches chaired by Larry Prince and held at the Yale Club. This institution is approaching its 20th anniversary! Attendance runs from 6 to 10 or more, and issues of the day are hotly discussed. On the side, Patrick Rulon-Miller runs a DJIA pool. If visiting NYC you are invited to contact Ken (212-599-4747) or Larry (212-683-3553ext109) because they may be able to set up the monthly lunch to include you.

Steve Buck's summer is busy - he is off to Hungary for 3 weeks where Hala gives workshops for ICASSI (I guess something psychological), and then goes to Ottawa to take a Canadian godson on a New England weekend, then he takes off to college his Washington DC "mentee", a young man who has made it through Washington DC's inner city. Steve promises us a future article for Yale62.org about this rich experience of the last eight years.

In closing, remember, all news is welcome, and more news is deeply appreciated. And don't forget to visit www.Yale62.org which had its latest posting on June 25. Check your email!