I trust that the summer months found many of you in pursuit of the great outdoors. Our highly unscientific measurement system shows a slight drop both in submissions to our Alumni Notes and traffic to the web site. It looks as if we may be quite normal.

Mike Kane (Auburndale,MA) offered a nice contrast by taking on additional indoor responsibility but also seeking summer pleasures. He wrote, "I have put aside my usual tennis and golf regimens to teach a finance course in the evening MBA program at Babson College. With 40 students this is quite a workout but tunes up the mind wonderfully. Early in the summer, I enjoyed meeting Gus Hedlund in Tiverton RI, where we puttered about his sailboat, an impressively large Alden he acquired this winter. I ran into Gus last summer in Northeast Harbor, Maine, where he recognized me at the town wharf because I had my 40th reunion cap on, and so did he. Since then we have been talking about a sailing voyage when schedules allow."

With another crop of grapes nearing harvest in the ideal Napa Valley climate, 2002 Mini Reunion host John Livingston (St. Helena, CA) reflected that, "the siren song and smell of wine continues to enrapture me, but my wife Diane and I are at least discussing life after wine. Everything is for sale at some price. We fantasize about what might take the place of pulling corks and weeds. I won't bring it up here again until it's a done deal!" John added, "Removing myself from a few non-profits, struggling to shave a few strokes off my too generous handicap and pursuing one or more of our 13 grandchildren is taking up some slack these days."

Tony Ellsworth (Salisbury, CT) advised that he and wife, Helen, have moved back to their hometown after 25 years in Washington D.C. "It is bittersweet leaving all our friends, including Ellis Wisner, Dixie Carroll, Tappy Wilder. We will be living at my family's house for the next year and a half while we build our own home. I have hired a wonderful architect, Judy Swanson, who used to work for I.M. Pei. We have a magnificent site. It promises to be great fun but a lot of work just as the neo-Corbusier building I did with the late Rob Symonds in Vermont in the 60's. We plan to incorporate Scully's precepts in the siting and landscaping!!! The house will include a living room to carry on the chamber music series Helen and I held in Washington." On the family front, Tony added, " Daughter Orlena graduated from Colby this year; son Avery is a sophomore at St. Lawrence University and loves the wilds of upstate NY."

Still in Connecticut, Tony Giamei (Higganum, CT), now into his second year of retirement says, "we've been busy with volunteer work, consulting, yard work and fishing. I've become interested in cooking and Melanie is into landscaping, decorating and learning about collectibles. We recently purchased a 1923 Herschede Grandmother clock. Its chimes remind me of Harkness Tower." Tony is one of a host of classmates to switch in recent months from dial up to broadband Internet connection.

A summer highlight was the 1962 Whiffenpoof Reunion in early July at Sam and Carol Knoll's vacation home in Omena, Michigan. Sam reported, "as usual for this group, we had a wonderful time 'reuning,' reminiscing, eating, drinking and singing (both old and new music...some of it with our wives). One evening Peter Sipple on clarinet joined Carl Kaestle on keyboard and we had people dancing in the living room and on the deck overlooking Lake Michigan. We all marched in a July 4th family parade, followed by lunch and an impromptu concert at a neighbor's annual picnic. Later the same day we sang at the local "Yacht Club" family picnic, and performed again the next evening at the same club's weekly Monday night dinner...sort of like the old Monday nights at Mory's! Bill Gross sounded as good as ever on "Slap That Bass," and our four yodelers, Biggie Moore, Sipple, Dixie Carroll and Louis Mackall, gave several terrific renditions of "Switzer Boy" that left audiences wanting more. All in all, it was truly a wonderful event. John Stewart, Cam Carey, Charlie Michener and Tom Cutler also attended leaving only Peter Clark missing and he sent last minute regrets."

Knoll (Virginia Beach, VA) has launched a new business venture following up on his years as an owner of GNC stores, It is a membership web site,, which specializes in providing quality information about developments and new products. Sam says, "My measures of success will include number of members, number of non-member opt-ins (for the weekly Newswire), and, as time goes on, the average length of time members stay members (e.g., the churn factor)."

Moore (Evergreen CO) sent news on his business and family. "Ann and I welcomed home our daughter and son-in-law from Kansas City in June. Gray will be coming to work in Air Lift. He'll be our COO for several months getting to know the business and the industry, and, if he likes what he sees, will initiate a buyout from us. That would give us more time to travel and entertain classmates visiting Colorado."

Architect and wood craftsman, Mackall (Guilford, CT) e-mailed that he is still celebrating the arrival of his first grandchild, Lucas, born in March. The web site for Louis' cabinet-making business, Breakfast Woodworks, was our "web site of the month" in July. "Breakfast Woodworks is a non-sequitur, mostly," Louis responded to my question, "'cept it's my favorite meal." Anyone, who would like to see their personal or business web site featured on should contact your corresponding secretary.

Early response to the mail questionnaire on the Washington D.C. and Hong Kong 2005 Mini reunions was very encouraging. You will receive further information both here and on the web site concerning schedules and cost and then another mailer including registration materials toward the end of the year.