Alumni Notes: July / August 2011

This column is from the YAM of the same date.

This edition leads off with items that are overdue for publication, having gone astray in my awful filing "system", with apologies to the contributors (anyone wondering why their news doesn't get published should assume the same factor at work and contact me).

Someone with every right to complain ( but hasn't) is Joe Holmes; we never mentioned that he won the 2010 Men's National Platform Tennis 70+ title. Not to make that mistake again, I report that this year Joe and partner not only repeated winning the 70+ but also won the 145+ title held at Fox Meadow in Scarsdale. The 145+ had a 17 team draw from 9 states. Joe and partner ended the year ranked #1 in this bracket. As a player of lesser caliber, I congratulate Joe.

Peter Sipple, months ago, wrote to clarify that he is "retiring" rather than "retired." His 2009 move to Cornwall-on-Hudson was designed to "leave work behind", retiring from an Episcopal Rectorship in Bryn Mawr, Pa, but work caught up to him in the form of an assignment as interim pastor at St George's Episcopal Church in Newburgh. He is enjoying singing with an 18-person ensemble that gives monthly concerts. He and Margaret enjoyed the 2010 Whiff Reunion at the Mike Moore home in Evergreen, Co.

Some news items are quite terse, leaving us to hope for more information in the future, e.g. this one sentence from Dave Hershey (MD) from his home in Dallas, saying that he received a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Southern Methodist U. in December 2008.

Early this year came a report from Bill Leckonby on a 50th reunion of the undefeated, untied 1960 football team. Bill's report: "Yale and the players of the class of '63 hosted all of us for a celebration in New Haven over the Princeton November weekend. Two outstanding evening events, a visit to the Friday practice, and honors on the field at halftime were the highlights. Representing the class of '62, among over 50 returnees, were Black, Brewster, '61 team captain Bursiek, Cochran, Halloran, Hard, Kaake, McCormack and yours truly (in addition to a sneak visit by Charlie Burr – not mistaken for a footballer!). Seeing the highlight DVD of that fabulous season reminded us that, along with the great players from the class of '61, our class played a huge part in the 9-0 record. That team was never behind in a game all season and ended the year ranked 13th in the nation!" Bill added that almost all attending promised to make it to the Class 50th Reunion next year.

In New York on May 7, Class Secretary Jim White convened the 4th annual meeting of the YC '62 Class Council. A strong turnout gathered at the Yale Club for lunch followed by officer reports and then on to a review of plans for the 50th Reunion, now set –officially- for May 31-June 3, 2012. Highlights of the officer reports: Treasurer David Honneus handed out a brilliant financial report on the Class Fund showing we are well ahead towards our goal of building a fund that will help moderate the cost of the 50th Reunion. The Class Fund is supported solely by our annual class dues. The participation rate through May 4th was 42% (including 55 classmates giving at the 50th Reunion level of $350). This rate puts us roughly on par with sister classes from the early 60's, but it would be nice to surpass them. Not to be outdone, Chair of Alumni Fund Agents Bill Boyer submitted an equally brilliant report on YC62's YTD contributions to the Alumni Fund, showing we were already ahead of last year in both participation and dollars, reaching 87% of our donors goal and 97% of our $$ goal. Participation rate to date is about on target at 46% of the Class. Bill also noted some changes on his a team of agents, with Vic Miller and Dick Segel stepping down, and Ellis Wisner, Bob Hartley, Henry Will, and Gary Cunningham joining. Mike Kane reported his year of steady production of class news, with four issues of website www.Yale62.org and six issues of Alumni Notes for this magazine. Factoid he did not mention: 465 "hits" or visits to the last web issue in March, indicating readership for our website may be as high as 55% of the class. Jim White's report included a recap of the campaign to build up our email address bank. He and his team have added about 100 names over the past year, and more keep trickling in, perhaps as more classmates "discover" email in life –after- secretaries.

Reunion Chair Bob Oliver's report reviewed the time line for organizing actions from now until June 2012 and brought us up to date on the considerable work already underway by himself and various volunteer leaders such as John Stewart, 50th Reunion Book Editor-in-Chief, David Scharff organizing our discussion panels, and Dave Finkle and Bill Weeden, organizing the entertainment. After hearing these and other reports on the reunion effort, the Council was unanimous that all aspects were in capable hands and a good rate of progress was obvious.

The Class Council meeting is not only fun and productive but also a good place to dig for news, such as word from Gerry Swirsky that he and Tony Carbone were now back on the East Coast, having wintered successfully in the rugged desert climes of Palm Springs and Scottsdale, respectively. John Chapman was supposed to attend the meeting by phone but became confused about the technology and instead celebrated his 71st birthday by clearing brush, rowing his scull at the family lakeside retreat in Wisconsin, and "watching" wife Jane cook for him. Sounds like a better deal. Bill Boyer, when not on Alumni Fund duty, has become a senior executive in the pre-school business his wife Martha started in 1992. They now enroll about 500 kids and operate several campuses. David Honneus reports happiness over the recent (first and long- anticipated by parents) marriage of his son. Lastly, a Council member reported a sighting of Steve Susman with legally active Dodger owner Frank McCourt in the owner's box at the LA ballpark, possibly indicating another high profile attorney-client situation for our classmate.

Keep the news coming, and plan for the 50th!

Mike Kane
May 16,2011