Alumni Notes: July / August 2010

The Class Council held its third annual meeting in New York on May 1, with much of the discussion focused on the New York Mini Reunion set for this October 15-17, and our 50th Yale Reunion, date to be set - by Yale - either the last weekend in May or the first weekend in June (2012). Save these dates! Plans for both reunions are shaping up under Co-Chairs Bo Rodgers and Kirk McDonald (NY) and the 50th (Chair Bob Oliver). These guys are already putting a lot of thought into each event. There will be surveys but you don't have to wait - send me your thoughts/wishes as they come to you and I will see they get to the right Chair-people. I have already told Bob I want frozen margaritas and the Yale Golf Course to be free for reunion week (it was not for the 45th).

Another topic for the Council was the imminent campaign by Jim White and others to root out our missing emails. It is obvious that US Mail, either through the AYA or by the class, does not compare with email for effectively reaching our classmates. Mainly because a lot of us have not bothered to put email addresses on our annual class dues forms, we are lacking email addresses for almost a third of the class, or 250+, so we are launching an all-out telephone campaign to gather these.

Steve Howard wrote in from LA to confirm the passing of his 70th birthday, and thinks there should be some class forum for discussing the turning -70 experience, the lifetime first as he says when you finally have to admit you are not middle- aged but old! I plan to open that forum on our current class web posting in mid-May. Check out www.yale62.org

John Chapman has found time from his busy semi-retirement to spend a week in Nepal checking up on a school construction project that he raised money for.

Bill Weber sent in, at our request, a delightful mini-article for the class web site (www.yale62.org) about coping with change as mayor of a small upstate NY village. Bill separately reported that he met up again this year with old friends and classmates Tony Giamei and Chuck Post, at a residence Chuck keeps in Prescott, Arizona. This group has agreed to keep on with these annual mini-reunions until, well, indefinitely. Not a bad concept.

Old friend Ed Kelly sent a very welcome letter full of catchup news from when our paths parted in the early 1970's, when he finished graduate work at Harvard. (See detailed report from Ed in our May web site). After some 25 yrs of academic appointments at UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke, Ed retired in 2002 and relocated to UVa to remain active and productive in his field of parapsychology, living with 2d wife Emily who has academic credentials in the same field and with whom in 2007 he published a book titled Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century (Rowman & Littlefield). He says the book is an "all-out assault on the sorts of reductive physicalism that dominate contemporary psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy of mind - basically, the view that 'mind is what brain does, full stop' ". Ed says he stays in touch with 62rs Steve Kaplan, Marty Kaminski, and Jim Keaten.

H. Lee Rust writes that he has spent the last 25 years as a sole proprietor corporate finance consultant in Orlando, Florida, where he has just written a new book with a companion website. The book is titled Is This Any Way to Run a Company, and can be viewed with the website at www.just60days.com . Lee and his wife of 20 years have many kids and grandchildren.

Jerome Yurow retired from the US Dept of Energy last year and continues living in the DC area (Rockville, Md). He has a son working in the NY area and a daughter working in Georgetown, both in technology related fields.

Join me in applause for (Prof) Lew Spratlan, whose opera Life Is a Dream, written 32 years ago and still unseen, will have its world premier and four additional performances at the prestigious Santa Fe Opera beginning July 24, and on July 28, August 6, 12, and 19. Says Lew "All old friends will be warmly welcomed." (Not clear if this means comp tickets.) Lew's milestone achievement was the subject of a big NY Times Arts section feature on April 12th.

Lew and his wife Melinda live in Amherst (Ma), where he retired from the Amherst College faculty in 2006 and Melinda from the Mt Holyoke faculty this year. Their three kids are all working or in graduate school, and two married daughters have recently had baby girls, so Lew joins our large grandfather's club. He continues composing and producing, currently working on a song for the 150th Yale Glee Club celebration next February, and has a CD out on the Navona label.

Recently heard from but without much news: Don Banks (Decatur, Ga) and Philip de Chabert (France). Philip says he is retired. We will pursue them for more info!

On the other side, we have news of several classmates passing away: Henry Rogers (Saybrook, Toronto) and Tom Bamford (Pierson, Lancaster, Pa), both in February this year. Their obituaries by Bob Oliver appeared in our class web site's May posting. Additionally, Yale has only recently notified us of the deaths of Charles Gantz (1999), Henry Adams (2001), and Paul R. Johnson (1996), but we have no further information yet.

The family of Boyd Brown (Maine) has notified us that, with a developing Alzheimer's condition, he has moved into a residential care facility and no longer can participate in class communications. We are honoring the family's wishes.

Please keep sending your news, no matter how brief, to me at usual address below, and check our our web site www.yale62.org where you will find both current and archived material.

As ever, eager to receive your news, long or short,
Mike Kane
Corresponding Secretary