Alumni Notes: March / April 2011

Alumni Notes Yale Alumni Magazine Mar/Apr 2011 By Mike Kane 1-13-11

For those who need reminding, our class website www.Yale62.org was posted with all new material in December, so if you haven't read it, do it now. Next issue will be out in March. Every issue has handy links to other Yale sites, such as Yale Athletics and Yale Daily News, where you can read about the fabulous exploits of our men's hockey team, currently ranked No 1 in the country, and both squash teams, ranked No 2. Gus Hedlund and your CorSec had the great pleasure of seeing the Bulldogs skate rings around Harvard on January 8th en route to a 4-2 victory and #15 for Yale this season (15 and 1 overall). A nice balm on the fresh wounds from last November!

Planning for the 50th Reunion gathers steam with a meeting of leaders at the New York Yale Club on January 13th. Attending were Chairman Bob Oliver, Class Secretary Jim White, Phil Moriarty, Jack Pirozzolo, Gus Hedlund, Alex Garvin, Bill Nye, John Stewart, Al Chambers, Lee Patterson, Richard Davis, Bob Breault, Steve Susman, Tim Hall, Ed Strohbehn, Paul Bschorr, George Russell, Steve Buck, Dan Murphy, Tony Brooks and Art Trotman. Chairman Oliver's full report on the meeting will be included in our next www.Yale62.org posting. Agenda items included program design, topics and possible leaders for discussion panels, assignments for specific tasks such as the Reunion Book (John Stewart in charge), and the time line leading up to the reunion. Next items: March -AYA confirms reunion dates; April- first appeal for material for our Reunion Book.

Our missing email campaign keeps bearing fruit with over 70 new addresses gathered by Jim White's team of volunteers. We now have 585 out of a total of 846 classmates (up from 514 in March 2010), so if you aren't on our list please send in an email address ASAP. This is the only way we notify you when the web site comes out, and will be a major communication tool for the 50th.

Vividly illustrating the link between the 50th and our email address data bank, Nick van der Merwe recently wrote me from South Africa to say he was beginning to make plans for attending and to ask for the email addresses of his two Yale roommates Normand Allen and Howard Kolodny. Corsec was happy to oblige and even got Nick, who has been working in on a project in Tanzania, to consider writing an article for our web site.

Just heard from Lee Bolman, who shared two family W's for 2010: his youngest son got into Harvard, and Lee with wife Joan have their first joint publication "Reframing Academic Leadership" (Bolman & Gallos), a book about leadership in higher education . Lee says marital co-authoring has its tensions but they overcame.

Ford Maurer writes from what appears to be an empty nest in Kansas City with news of his three kids : oldest son Bo married and living in Denver, just had a baby boy; daughter Ashley living in Sioux Falls with husband and 2 toddler kids; and youngest son Clay living in Indianapolis. He also reports that wife Christine is "energized" (no explanation given).

George Snider has been elected Chairman of the Board of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. This is one of the largest excursion RRs in the U.S., operating over 51 miles in northeastern Ohio. George has been serving on the board for a number of years.

Jeff Wright (Birmingham, Mi) and wife Judy have recently built a second home in Southern Pines, NC, and he invites '62 golfers to join them for golf at their club if travelling to the Pinehurst area (I take the liberty of suggesting you call Jeff at their main home (248-646-0587) before showing up in NC!)

(Dr) Peter Schenck says he is looking forward to attending the 50th. Peter has four children, eight grandchildren, and a wife who writes successful romantic novels. Kids are scattered in the heartland: two sons and spouses in Bozeman , Montana, daughter in Texas, and a son nearby in Iowa. Peter is happy teaching at Northeast Iowa Community College, and living in Dubuque.

(Professor Emeritus) Tom Saine writes from home in Plano, Texas that, contrary to Yale's records, he does not have a spouse.

Tom Chapman is back working half-time at the National Science Foundation in DC, after he and Donna spent a month in Viet Nam where Tom taught at the Thai Nguyen University, about 50 miles north of Hanoi.

Bert Decker (Bay Area) announces the annual publication by his Decker Communications of the 10 best and worst communicators of 2010. See it at www.decker.com/blog/2010/12

(Professor - Emeritus) Bill Robinson retired from teaching at Iowa State last year and has taken up blogging on brain-related topics under http://yourbrainandyou.com . He published his fourth book last year under the title Your Brain and You: What Neuroscience Means for Us.

Happy New Year to the Class of 1962, and keep the good news coming!

Mike Kane
Corresponding Secretary