Alumni Notes: March / April 2009

Welcome to the New Year of 2009, which has not brought us good economic news (or good weather in New England), but has brought some occasions for hope: a new beginning in our national government, another in the Yale football program, and the recent unprecedented victory of the Yale men's hockey team over Harvard. Until January 10, Yale had never won on Harvard's Bright Arena home ice. So let's build on these happy events!

On a housekeeping note, all classmates are urged to forward to me updated email addresses, as the "official" class data list we get from Yale has quite a few blanks in that regard and no doubt many obsolete addresses, for example people switching from aol to comcast. In case of privacy concerns, be assured CorSec shares your email address, if at all, only with your class officers and it will not be used for fund raising. The main reason to have your email on file is so that you can get prompt notice when we publish our web page www.Yale62.org.

Jim White wants all to be aware that a 70th Birthday Party (for us) will be held in New York in the Fall of 2010, with Bo Rodgers and Kirk MacDonald in charge.

Brent Brolin (NYC) reports his daughter Talisman Brolin is now a freelance photographer in NYC, having worked for the Daily News for 2 years. Check her web site www.TalismanPHOTO.com.

This word from Dan Koenigsberg in December: "I have joined the Board of the YC of New Haven, an interesting (if somewhat geriatric) group that does good work in scholarships, etc. (Larry Lipscher reminded me that he was a recipient of a YC scholarship.) Mark Dollhopf (AYA Exec Dir) and Linda Lorimer gave a nice presentation to the Club last week on their vision of AYA. He plans to really pump up and expand the organization. Whether this is related to the $7B loss in the Endowment is unclear (morbid humor). Also have an opportunity to go to Japan with an AYA Leadership group that Mark is putting together. This is not a tourism trip, but a project to educate the Japanese universities about how Yale organizes its alumni affairs. Although at our expense, am considering it since we lived in Japan for 3 years compliments of Uncle Sam."

Tom and Donna Chapman traveled to Florida and Mexico in February, with Tom returning to DC to continue working half time in the International Office of the Nat. Science Foundation. Tom, who has kindly agreed to serve as our Capitol area news stringer,recently turned up news from Ed Worthy and Ralph Kissick. Ed, who retired from the National Building Museum in 2006, has traveled widely, including to some exotic spots such as Bhutan and Burma, works part time on museum–related projects in the DC area, and keeps fit with racquetball and gym work. Ralph, retired from law practice in 2007, reports beomg fully engaged with continuing education, community service, woodworking, and fly fishing.

Another Washingtonian, Chas Elkins, is busy launching an alumni association for former EPA employees, mainly using a web site he has designed called www.EPAalumni.org.

And also from DC comes this pithy note from John Hatch: "Due to the uncertainties of the economy, I have moved retirement (from USAID) off a year."

Moving to New England, equally pithy note from Frazier Evans says "retired mid-2005 and studying watercolor painting." Pre-retirement, Frazier was an SVP with The Colonial Group, a Boston financial firm. Bill Weeks, living in Westport, Conn, reports his recent retirement from Merrill Lynch, after 44 years in the financial industry. Bill has been coping with multiple myeloma, diagnosed in 2003. Fortunately, this has responded to treatment and is in remission, although requires regular medical attention. This is a tough hand to play, and Bill has our support and admiration. You can reach him at cindybill@optonline.net. On the bright side, his family is growing as three sons have fathered 3 grandchildren ages 4, 2.5, and 2 months!

In Boston, Murray Wheeler continues at a high energy level, more to report than space allows. For many years he has been a huge Yale supporter in the Boston area and now chairs the Board of the Yale Club, also the team of 100+ alums (part of the ASC) who interview applicants to Yale (note to Murray: I was once on the team but no longer; my "accepts" were all rejected and vice versa). He sings with the Yale Alumni Chorus, volunteers working with international high school exchange students, and plays tennis when not injured as at present. He is in line to lead a Boston area mini-reunion in the near future.

For uncertain reasons, I only recently received from the AYA system a notice that classmate William Besse, of Cleveland, passed away on December 31, 2003. No doubt his friends have known of this for some time, but I feel obliged to note this sad occasion here for others who may have known Bill.

Mike Kane
Corresponding Secretary