As you read these notes, I hope that you already have registered to attend our 45th Reunion June 7-10 or are about to do so. We have a new poll about ourselves underway; the results of which Reunion Chair David Honneus promises will be shared and discussed in New Haven. This is an online poll. The way to participate is to go to our web site, Smith '62's Celine Sullivan again developed our poll and her classmates will be completing essentially the same survey. We'll contrast results later in the year.

Turning to classmates who are still working, let's start with Peter Sipple (Bryn Mawr PA), who is well into his second year as rector of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer. He reports, "Two flourishing outreach programs occupy most of my "spare" time — that is the time not otherwise devoted to worship and general management tasks. Peter expects to participate in one of these programs this summer visiting Malawi where the Church supports children in orphanages." By some curious turn of events, the Yale Alumni Chorus concert tour next summer will end in Johannesburg, practically on the day our parish group will be there." Singer and Whiffenpoof Sipple concludes, "Given the YAC's success in getting inside the cultures where they perform, I suspect I'll discover more harmony than dissonance." Yale '62 has been very active in YAC tours so we'll be checking to see how many classmates make the exciting 2007 trip to Africa.

Tom Potter (Nashville TN) is another musical classmate. His day job continues to be running his software company, Carrefour Research. Tom e-mailed, "My wife Suzanne and I play in several orchestras in the area. This past summer we traveled with a local college orchestra to Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. Wonderful fun. As a hobby for the past year I have been investigating the Japanese songs that Puccini used in "Madama Butterfly" and recently gave a talk to the Nashville Opera on the results of my study. They will be presenting that opera in May, 2007." Anyone interested in looking at the sheet music and hearing the audio files of the Japanese songs can find them on Tom's hobby web site,

We learn from David Holtzman (Cambridge MA) that he still is a practicing pediatric neurologist doing research in developmental cell neurobiology and seeing patients at Massachusetts General Hospital. David says, "To my surprise my research now involves a possible metabolic basis for autism in some children. My career has always included writing grants to support the research. You ask why I do this. The reason clearly is not fame or fortune, but all parts of my work still are fun." David says he regrets he will miss the 45th Reunion. "My wife and I hope to be in Japan visiting our sons, one of whom will be doing geophysics research at Tokyo University and the other who will be teaching ESL in Nagoya."

And one of our more visible workers, Sam Waterston (Cornwall CT), added an interesting assignment to his portfolio. Atlantic Magazine reported that Sam joined an effort by a group of well-known political professionals from both parties in trying to launch an Internet political party called Unity08. Waterston's friend Gerald Rafshoon, who served President Carter, asked Sam to participate in Internet promotion for the party, which will try to represent the center. Sam said, "I'm one of those people who have been watching politics from the outside with a typical mix of horror and fascination. This idea is so simple, yet if it works, it's one of those things that will change the direction of the river."

Turning to the retired, Peter Bell (Atlanta) continues to be almost as busy as when he was President of CARE. As a Fellow at the Carter Center, Peter continues to pursue his efforts to combat poverty and disease. A speech that he gave at the Clinton Library late in 2006 can be found on our web site. Peter advises that he and wife, Karen, are considering moving back to Gloucester, MA, where he grew up and where his brother is now the Mayor.