(edited from Magazine copy to reflect changes in Aspen planning)

Planning is well underway for a 2006 Mini Reunion in Aspen Colorado. The dates will be in October. Bob Connery, Steve Susman and Kirk MacDonald are the organizing committee. You'll be hearing more from them. A good mix of daytime outdoor activity and fun evenings are on the drawing board.

Nine classmates were slated to join the Yale Alumni Chorus on its February Tour of England. That group included Peter Clark, Skip Dechert, John Gerlach, Joe Holmes, Mike Moore, Boyd Murray, Warner North, Griffith Resor and Murray Wheeler.

As another indication of his international bent, Murray Wheeler (Cambridge, MA) wrote that, "a new dimension in my life is hosting foreign exchange students. Through my church, I had a wonderful 18-year old from Nuremberg visit for five months in 2005. Subsequently, I visited his family on a summer swing through Germany, Austria and Hungary. This year, my guest is from Montpelier in the South of France. Added benefit, I get to speak French once in a while."

Speaking of France, it was good to be back in contact with Norm Jackson, who has called Paris home for more than 20 years. Norm was the chief photographer on our Yale Daily News Board. After many years away from photography, he again is very active with his camera, though this time it is mostly digital. Norm's fine collection of photos from France were featured on the web site in January ( Norm wrote, "Paris is the most beautiful city on earth, and possibly the most pleasing to the other senses, as well. The French (among whom I can count myself, now having two passports) are understandably never happier than at table, and I'm no exception. The country is lovely, having all the scenery America does all smushed into a manageable scale. Even the French seem like compatriots, not 'furr-ners'. France is quite simply home now."

Another former Daily News member, who recently resurfaced, was Peter Perez (Ada, MI). He e-mailed, "I am embarrassed to admit I have not been at all active in Yale alumni affairs (last event was the 25th reunion when we lived in New Canaan). But we have been on the move — Chicago ten years; New York (President of Steinway & Sons, the piano manufacturers), Memphis, eight years, and now the Grand Rapids area, where we intend to remain. My wife Carroll and I own a '76-year young' company named Carter Products.

"We have two sons, one working in Palo Alto, CA and the other working in the family business. We have three grandchildren, two girls and a boy and another on the way. I have no plans to retire. Currently I am President of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, an association of 230 member companies. My volunteer duties for this 106-year old organization take me to Washington and a lot of other interesting places. A recent trip to the nation's capitol, included lunch in the Senate private dining room,. I learned that the famous Congressional Bean Soup has a recipe that calls for 'Michigan White Navy Beans'. The recipe is printed right on the cup. The soup was delicious!" Never let it be said that us Michigan people are not proud of our state!

Turning to the retirement list, we have Tom Cutler (Cape May, NJ), who wrote, "in mid-2004, I retired after 25 years at the Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, where I was a teacher and senior Dean — able to both instruct and legally beat up small children." Tom added that he moved to Cape May, where wife, Debbie had roots and they had spent many summers. He continued, " So far retirement is wonderfully calm: lots of reading, crossword puzzles, Netflix films and home improvement projects." The Cutlers were the 2005 hosts for the annual 1962 Whiffenpoof Reunion, which all 12 Whiffs attended along with 10 wives. They also handled arrangements for two weddings. It doesn't sound all that calm!

Somewhere in the middle on the retirement decision is John Livingston (St. Helena,CA). John says that "with the encouragement of my retired classmate pals, Bob Nau (Bronxville,NY) and Bill Leckonby (Portola Valley, CA), we're moving toward turning the winery business over to our children on another 2-3 years — no quick exit strategy here." John continues to be involved in lots of 'left coast' Yale activities including "a record number of interviews with prospective Yale students."

There is more good news from Ken Tuggle (Waddy KY) on his strong recovery from two separate brain surgeries. His update said, "I concluded that continuing the practice of law held the best promise of restoring my mental functions, just as PT and exercise have been restoring my physical ones. So I've been practicing, and it's been working. I think my colleagues here feel that I'm now as good as I ever was, a view I gratefully share. I want to tell my story to classmates, because I fear that many may have to deal with the same or similar issues in their own lives. If so, they can read the story and conclude that, if Ken can do it, I sure can, and at the bottom of the recovery cycle, garner some hope and assemble some determination, to create their own 'survivor' experience, day by day and step by step, just as I have done." Ken will be sharing more of his story in an upcoming feature on the web site.

And at this month's finish line, we find thoroughbred owner Terry Culver (St. Louis). He is a one-quarter owner of a nag named Red Cross, who recently finished first in a race at Chicago's Arlington Park. Photos of the smiling winners can be found on the web site, but Terry assured us that the winnings have never come anywhere near the expenses in this particular pursuit.