As the winter chill abates, several classmates chimed in with thoughts about the climate and where they prefer to spend their time.

Dave Hummel (Billings MT) likes it just fine in Montana but that didn't stop him and wife Cindy from celebrating their 40th anniversary with a trip to much warmer Belize. His son, Eric married a fellow Montanan, Krista, this past September. Their careers have taken them to Houston where, Dave says, "they do not think much of the climate but like the big city income."

Comfortably ensconced in the warmer climate of Naples, Florida is Jim Carthaus. He reported, "Spoke to Ken Cascone the other day when he and NYC were in the middle of a snowstorm. That's why I like winter here. We have almost 350 in the local Yale Club, but I think I'm the only one from '62." Turning to the subject of broadband, Jim is a strong convert "though it was a pain to move and reload my address book."

Wyllys Terry's (Wayland MA) periodic report finds him still getting the best of the weather year round as he sailed the Maine coast during the summer, then headed for the Caribbean for the winter including Columbia and Panama.

Our semi-regular update on the two Bill Wheelers, came from Bill the former winemaker. He e-mailed, "I just spoke to Willie Wheeler, the artist, to console him after his hip replacement. Willie is quite shameful. First he stole my laundry at Yale, then he followed me, a genuine Californian, to sunny Sonoma County where I was obliged to make periodic explanations to the Sheriff's Department that there were two William Wheelers, one in the wine business and one..... well, that he might be looking for. Actually, we are great pals; I admire his art and his winning ways with the 20-year-olds. And I am pleased to report that the new hip suits him well and he is, already after only a week from the surgery, unstoppable. He is already planning a return to Henley for his boat mates and himself." Of course, I had my hip replaced a few years ago, so he's still playing catch-up.

Two classmates, who wrote for our web site during 2003 provided updates. Chuck Elkins ( Washington D.C.) is continuing with his efforts to encourage "cybervolunteering." Two of his recent projects, both done from his desk, "were helping to set up an Institute for Sustainable Communities in Tucson and working to prevent further birth defects in Dickson, TN."
Take a look at his web site at

Meanwhile, adventurous traveler, Rob Flint (Woodside, CA), who wrote about Antarctica, this time was off to Western Australia on an AYA trip. "As an Antarctic 'explorer' myself, I especially enjoyed Geology Professor Brian Skinner's stories of Sir Douglas Mawson, the first to reach the South Magnetic Pole. Mawson was the Yale professor's mentor at the University of Adelaide."

Recent communications included fresh information from a couple of our internationalists. Bill Sullivan, has been living in Poland for more than three years. He catches up on his mail only during annual trips in the summer to Gainesville, FL. He says that is "where I found the 40th Anniversary volume. Never having been to the tent, I haven't contributed to Class Dues, but I'm enclosing a check as thanks for the book."

Another transplant from Florida is Herbert Kirkland, who formerly taught history in Florida. He is "now married to a Thai woman and living in Nong Khai along the Mekong River directly across from Laos." He recently completed building a home in the village, which is usually a serious sign of putting down roots.

Again relating to Southeast Asia, Lance Liebman (New York City), who admits he "had no interest in going to Vietnam in the 1960's, [but now] goes regularly to Ho Chi Minh City, where Columbia works on educating Vietnamese for the improved legal system that the country needs." Lance adds that he still teaches law at Columbia and directs the American Law Institute. "The ALI once sought to improve imperfect laws of the U.S. Now it works globally, taking up subjects like trade law, transnational civil procedure, and international intellectual property law. The ALI's offices are in Philadelphia, so I am a regular Amtrak commuter. Carol and I also commute to the northeast to marvel at granddaughter Miriam. She is burdened with two Yale parents and therefore regularly sings Boola Boola."

Jerry Griffin (Granville, OH) was another classmate in Asia recently. He accompanied wife, Judith, to Taiwan where she was a special guest of President Chen Shui-Bian in recognition of her activities in the early 70's. Their trip and explanation of what she was doing in Taiwan will be the subject of a feature on our web site in the early spring.

Still on the subject of Asia, Bill Boyer (Cleveland) recently returned from "a stunning first-time business trip to China. I continue my small-scale real estate [ad]ventures in the Cleveland area, although I am looking at doing other things beside real estate in China, with the help of my sons, hopefully." Bill continues, "Life continues to be a smorgasbord, even as we age, suffer, and 'lay waste our powers, getting and spending.' Children and grandchildren make it all worthwhile."

Returning to the weather, Bill concluded, "Cleveland continues to be a lovely place to live 6-8 months a year. But winters are like all the Great Lakes winters, gloomy and cold. So Martha has decided never to spend another winter here, and from January-May, she'll be at our home in Palm Beach. I think that Cleveland has great schools, great museums and symphonies and other amenities for the sixties set. Despite its unfortunate national image, it a superb place to raise a family and get around. The Cleveland economy, however, neither high nor low in the best and worst of times, is seriously impacted by the slow death of American manufacturing. I certainly saw the other side of that one in China recently."