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February Alumni Notes

February Magazine

Our latest retiree is Bill Gilbert (Port Orchard, WA), who closed out his career as a professor of biology and environmental science at Simpson College in Iowa. Bill says, "Although I love my job, the prospect of early retirement is a bit like stepping into quicksand; the idea pulls you into its embrace, away from the workaday world." Bill and wife Mary Ann plan to spend winters on the Kitsap Peninsula near Seattle where their daughter lives and summers running the Osprey and Loon Bed & Breakfast in Nova Scotia that they started five years ago. During his career, Bill launched environmental programs at three different colleges..

Going the other way is Chris Cory, (New York City), who started as Director of Public Information at Pace University. Chris says, "With nearly 100 years of experience in putting new population groups on the ladder of social mobility, Pace has an energetic new president, a new program for honors students, and involvement in cleaning up the Hudson River and rebuilding downtown New York. I'm excited to be part of it." Look on our web site (Yale '62.) to read a feature about how Chris ran his successful '60-something' job campaign.

A middle road on work is taken by John Carr, (Walnut Creek, CA). He offers, "I'd like to retire but can't afford to. My law partnership is hanging on, but none of us is getting rich and we have to pay our associates more than ourselves. That said, I'm still content, probably happier with life than in many years, but 9/11 is still a specter to haunt and somehow I think life is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Hope our kids are up to it."

Bill Weber, (Branchport, NY) and Jack McCredie, (Berkeley, CA) returned to New Haven in October to attend the Yale Engineering Sesquicentennial. Bill wrote, "I was very impressed with the new emphasis on Yale engineering, the quality of the labs, programs and students. The faculty was there for the weekend, and I can assure you that Yale has really assembled some terrific people to teach engineering as a true liberal arts undertaking. I have always maintained that a truly liberal education must involve the arts as well as the sciences."

Harley rider and former corresponding secretary Vic Miller (Alameda, CA) survived a bad accident in the Sierras. "The bike did not," Vic advises. "Except for the mishap, retirement and the move West have been idyllic. I haven't written a thing except e-mails and that has made all the difference."

Among our entrepreneurs, Breaux Castleman (San Francisco) is now CEO of a physicians services and Internet company, which while headquartered in New Jersey, has offices in California. This combines his previous experience coming on the heels of Breaux' extremely successful physician practice management business and less successful but fascinating go at an Internet start up.


Paul Gorman, (Amherst, MA), is now Executive Director of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment. His group received major national attention when they visited Detroit to talk with automotive leaders about better fuel economy. Gorman told the "New York Times," "We are under a commandment from God to be faithful stewards of God's creation." Paul will write about his work for our web site early in 2003.

Peter Bell's (Atlanta, GA), picture appeared prominently in December "Vanity Fair" as a top world Non-Governmental Organization leader. Peter is President of CARE. He also was named the winner of the Princeton University James Madison Medal, which goes each year to an alumnus from their Graduate School. Peter, too, will be writing a piece for our web site on his global work.

Alex Garvin, (New York City) in November was back at the same Yale Art Gallery auditorium where he spoke to Yale 1962 during the Reunion. His topic, The Yale Daily News reported, was "Ground Zero: The Rebuilding of an American City, and he discussed new ideas for linking New York's three airports as part of a "comprehensive transport system.".

Sam Waterston, (West Cornwall, CT.), will take time off from "Law and Order" to again play Abraham Lincoln in a special program at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art February 20.

David Finkle, (New York City), also a former corresponding secretary, wrote a piece in the Sunday December 1 "New York Times" about the "Classic Arts Showcase" on PBS television. Theater critic Finkle then went off to London for his annual review of plays in the West End.

Still in the theater world, Murray Wheeler, (Cambridge, MA) played this fall in Thornton Wilder's "Our Town." He suggests "We should all reread this play every year." Former class secretary Tappy Wilder, (Chevy Chase, MD) would no doubt agree since he still spends much of his time managing the placement of this classic production.

Secretary Kirk McDonald, (New York City), as we went to press, was counting responses and making plans for the proposed late March Utah ski weekend mini reunion, mentioned first in November on the web site. He'll contact those who expressed interest with a decision and details if the ski weekend is on.

Meanwhile, at the suggestion of Bill Stork, (Hong Kong), we are giving very preliminary thought to holding a mini-reunion in Hong Kong in October 2004. For those of you who can plan ahead and would consider a vacation to Asia, please e-mail to yale1962@att.net.

Bill is a math teacher at the Hong Kong International School and is really enjoying his time in Hong Kong. He intends to stay there "until there is a compelling reason to move." A former officer of Association of Yale Alumni in this country, Bill remains involved in Yale alumni activities. He will provide our web site with some of his best photos about life in Asia.

Remember those terrific CD's of the 1962 Whiffenpoofs that were gifts at the Reunion? Well, the full lot was distributed. A couple of classmates have asked for copies so Mike "Biggie" Moore wonders on behalf of the group whether there are enough customers to fund another pressing. Cost would be $12 per CD including shipping. E-mail interest to biggie@weego.com or write to 1150 Kerr Gulch, Evergreen, CO 80439.