Alumni Notes: January / February 2011

Thanks to the leadership work of Kirk McDonald and Bo Rodgers, assisted by David Scharff, the Class of 1962's 70th Birthday Party, held in New York October 15-17, was a solid success. The anchor social events in the program were a Friday night gourmet dinner (menu by Kirk) in an elegant oak paneled room at the Knickerbocker Club in midtown, a non-political class discussion on Saturday morning, and a Saturday dinner cruise around Manhattan. In addition, a multitude of well-planned options awaited the attendees, including art viewing, a tour of Brooklyn Heights led by Betsy Rodgers, a parks tour led by Alex Garvin, and, of course, shopping.

Dinner speeches were held to a minimum, but Friday night was enlivened by Gus Hedlund's thoughts on the Yale football and hockey prospects, while Kirk had to think on his feet responding to audience queries about equal air time for spouses.

The warm spirit and lively atmosphere of the event portends great things for the 50th Reunion, already in active planning mode led by Bob Oliver. Planning update by Oliver here.

Present for all or parts of the three day program, in addition to Kirk, Bo, and David, were approximately 70 classmates and spouses, including: Jim White, Jonathan Ater, Mitch Benedict, John Blouch,Bill Boyer, Steve Buck, Tony Carbone, Tom Chapman, Al Chambers, Chris Cory,Doug Charles, Tony Dean, Dwight Ellis, John Fisher, Michael Flicker, Jim Gardner, Alex Garvin, Tony Giamei, Ed Goodman, Gus Hedlund, Joe Holmes, Dennis Jackson, Mike Kane, Michael LeVine, Lance Liebman, Larry Lipsher, Charles McKee, Ford Maurer, Bill McGlashan, Jim Magee, Peter McDougall, Charley Mills, Chip Neville, Bill Nye, Robert Oliver, Jack Pirozzolo, Herm Pettegrove, Larry Prince, Ross Rudolph, David Scharff, Gerry Swirsky, Roman Weil, Willard Taylor, Bill Weber, William Williams, Joe Young and Sam Waterston.

The Saturday morning discussion, as ably described by David Scharff: " Kirk chaired as we gathered in the wood paneled library of the Metropolitan Club to discuss such things as how Yale shaped our lives and what we see ourselves doing from now forward. Kirk set our agenda, ruling out politics, inviting comments on just about everything else. He privileged the husbands, although some felt our wives should have more room to speak. There was a roll call of long and intact marriages, several dating back to before or just after graduation from Yale -- 48 or more years. " Among others, Sam Waterston, Ed Goodman, and Bill McGlashan spoke.

David's full report on the 70th Birthday Party will appear in our forthcoming December issue of www.yale62.org, and also on the website will be a collection of photos taken by yours truly at the Friday night dinner. David's report here.

In other news, John Gerlach (Geneva, Ill.) has reported on his summer of a "3-D whirlwind tour," three road trips with "driving, dining, and discussion" to look up old friends and classmates. Spanning July and August, he and Joanne motored to Minnesota (Ted Grant), Pennsylvania (Boyd Murray, Dave Siphron), Maine (Tappy Wilder, Frank Wanning), Martha's Vineyard (Scottie Cook, John Knutson, Griff Resor), and Red Hook, NY (Mike Carr). John added this postscript: "My summer with Yalies ended shortly after our vacation trips, with Dan Kelly and me sharing lunch. We do this quarterly, alternating between Geneva and Lake Forest (IL)."

En route to the 70th party, your CorSec stopped in New Haven and toured the refurbished and going concern Mory's. Very nicely done, and I especially liked seeing the $100 patio brick with my name and class on it that I had ordered . Didn't have time to check for other bricks ordered by other classmates, if any. While there, I checked the wine list and encouraged them to add something from our classmate John Livingston. Also noted that the notorious undergrad dive known as Rudi's is expanding to newer and bigger quarters, in the same upscale west-of Pierson/Davenport neighborhood.

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