Alumni Notes: January / February 2009

No doubt due to the shock of the recent loss to Harvard, and the sudden resignation of our football coach the following week, classmates have been very stingy with their news of late. CorSec implores you to improve your ways. Our next www.Yale62.org posting will be in late January and we have unlimited space for news about YOU. And remember - you do NOT need a password to access this web site! Our email records are not perfect and some of you may not get our emails that issue on the day when we post the site. No problem: just open your internet browser periodically and type in www.yale62.org and there will appear the latest posting! Each posting has links to archived previous editions so you can catch up.

Speaking of The Game, yours truly and Gus Hedlund braved the bitter cold and bitter outcome at the Harvard Stadium on November 22. Apparently our coaching recommendations were overheard by persons in position to take action. We had hoped to see classmates there but everyone was wrapped up against the cold, so no sightings to report.

Jim White has announced that Bob Oliver has agreed to serve as the Chairman of our 50th Reunion. All who know Bob will join me in congratulating him and agreeing this is a great appointment for us. If you don't know Bob, trust me there could not be a better choice for this big job. And now we can begin to lobby Bob for our pet reunion peeves. Mine is to terminate Yale's unconscionable past practice of charging alumni for use of the golf course during the event. Reunions are expensive enough. Send your best wishes to Bob at oliver@moglaw.com.

Heard from Al Chambers that he and Chris Cory are in the early stages of figuring out what kind of 50th Reunion book we should have and they are in dialogue on this subject with Reunion Press. Send them any suggestions at alchambers@comcast.net or cchristophert@nyc.rr.com and expect to receive a more formal request for your input in the near future. Al also says he attended the annual AYA Assembly in November and will provide a report on that for our next www.Yale62.org issue in January. (Click here to read his report.)

A recent press release from the Orlando law firm of another classmate, John Fisher, reveals that he has been honored with appointment as a Circuit Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court. Founded by John and others in 1984, Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Dickson, Talley, and Dunlap, P.A. specializes in litigation.

This summer, scientist and Antarctic-ist Rob Flint journeyed to Port Clyde, Maine to a meeting of the Antarctican Society, sort of an "alumni association of people who have worked in Antarctica." Rob described it as "remarkable event" and you will see why when we print his full report in our January web posting. (Click here to read his report.)

Economic guru Art Laffer has been a favorite of the media in recent months due to the convergence of his new book "The End of Prosperity" and the tumult in our financial markets. To see him interviewed by Bill Maher and others, do as I did and search Google for "art laffer youtube". As usual, Art says what he really thinks, such as "the [Paulson/Bush] bailout was a huge mistake."

Another prominent economist among us, Richard Portes, has written recently on the current global economic malaise, as can be further explored at this link.

Your CorSec closes with yet another impassioned plea for your news, especially but now limited to those who have yet to be heard from in these columns.

Mike Kane
Coreesponding Secretary
Yale College Class of 1962