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Seattle GatheringEverything about the Y62 gathering in Seattle! (Update posted 3/16/20)

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We have news of Neil Goodwin, Bill Stott, our New York Luncheons, Bill Rope, Lew Spratlan, George Cleary, Steve Susman, Sam Waterston, John Stewart and a wide array of other classmates. READ MORE…

In MemoriamSir John BoydSir John Boyd
Oct. 18, 2019
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Tony ScovilleTony Scoville
Oct. 13, 2019
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Richard SegelRichard Segel
Oct. 10, 2019
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Michael UhlmannMichael Uhlmann
Oct. 8, 2019
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John Van NessJohn Van Ness
Sept. 6, 2019
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Donald W. Stobs, Jr.Donald W. Stobs, Jr.
Apr. 19, 2019
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Richard YulesRichard Yules
Apr. 2, 2019
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Tad OgdenAlfred T. Ogden II
Mar. 28, 2019
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Daniel J. KellyDaniel J. Kelly
Mar. 28, 2019
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Pete DunningPete Dunning
Mar. 21, 2019
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Einar J. Westerlund, Jr.Einar J. Westerlund, Jr.
Mar. 2, 2019
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In MemoriamJames G. Mills
Feb. 14, 2019
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John N. DowlingJohn N. Dowling
Jan. 9, 2019
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James BrewsterJames H. Brewster IV
Oct. 26, 2018
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By George Snider

In those dark days of 1939 – 1941, when the Class of 1962 was born, war loomed over growing portions of the world. Germany had invaded Poland, Japan had invaded China and both conflicts were quickly spreading. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor… READ MORE

Y62 Voices from the Pandemic

By Y62 Class Members

We requested that classmates check in to let us know how they’re faring through all of this. Some have responded. It’s not too late! If you want to contribute to this page, please email us at and we will add your news. READ ON to see what classmates have written…

Coping with COVID-19, Hong Kong Style

By William Stork

Bill, on whom we’ve come to rely on coronavirus news from the Asian quarter, gives us more helpful tips on life as we know it, now. READ ON

Living Inside a Global Pandemic on a Small Farm

By Dick Riseling

My partner Sonja and I operate Apple Pond Farm, an organic 80-acre farm powered by wind and sun in the beautiful Sullivan County, New York Catskills. For 48 years we treasured the immense enjoyment of freedom to be intimately connected to the many physical and social environments that populate our working farm and busy engagement with the public. Now, like you… READ ON

The Gathering That Wasn’t
’62’s Seattle Decision

By James Wechsler

Ann & Jim Wechsler at The Bacon Mansion in Seattle

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Wechsler’s report explains how Yale62’s Seattle Gathering became an example of the decisions we’re all facing and are also being made for us. Our postponement came several days before the nation realized the urgency of the challenge.

In our own small way, we want to help classmates and their families collect and understand information during the Coronavirus Global threat, but we cannot be a primary news source. If you have information or reasoned opinion about the situation, particularly concerning your own or other classmates’ experiences, good or bad, please email them to We will share them on our website and on a delayed basis in our alumni notes in Yale Alumni Magazine.

At the same time, we truly could use a few volunteers to help us with communications and project planning, not only about Coronavirus but also on other topics of interest to people of our age and life experience. Please email if you’d like to participate.)

Copying the action of Y62 in postponing its Seattle Gathering/Mini-reunion scheduled for late March, the Masters Golf Tournament postponed, the New York and London Marathons rescheduled, and lesser events, such as March Madness, have canceled. Even if you have lost your iPhone, you know that this results from the novel coronavirus… READ ON

“Some of the Most Pleasant Places in the World”
By Howard H. Kaufman, MD

Last December and January, I enjoyed a visit to some of the most pleasant places in the world, Australia and New Zealand. Parenthetically, I was married in Perth in 1974 and have been back several times and seen much of the country, but still have many places… READ ON

Keeping Healthy, First and Foremost COVID-19 Update #4
By William Stork

First and foremost, it is important to keep a positive attitude and to avoid panic. Fear and anxiety now are unnecessary if you follow these precautions, and they weaken the body’s resilience to withstand infection.

Avoid going out! Work from home if possible. If you MUST go out, avoid crowds; this means staying away from Costco, Walmart, and Sam’s! And if you must associate with others, avoid shaking hands; instead use a wai which is… READ ON

Hong Kong Cold, Part 3
By William Stork

WOW! Despite the worry about the COVID-19 spread, I woke up last Thursday knowing that I would soon be HK$10,000 richer! … READ ON

3/02/20 Moving to Naples
By Mike Kane

During 2019, I ended 40 years as a Massachusetts resident and became a citizen of Florida, specifically a condo-dwelling, golf and tennis playing, member of a “gated community” composed of people mostly over 60, in Naples, Florida. In response to kind encouragement from our Class “Communications Team” and Class Secretary John Stewart, I am writing for on the possibility that some classmates might be amused by my account of this transition to a new home, community, and lifestyle.

The decision to relocate had roots in the decades… READ ON

3/02/20 The “Book Coroner”
By John Stewart

The print’s a bit small, in this edition…

Recently I was struck by the notion that as we move into our reclining age, we all may be reading more. I know I am and I’m also interested as perhaps we all are in what each of us is reading. My taste runs to fiction, genre spy, mystery and sf, and literary, and some belles lettres, as well as New Yorker and NY Review, both of which I run far behind on. Here are some books… READ ON

2/25/20 Then and Now
By Stephen W. Buck

Following the Feb. 22 Washington Post headline “Trump on hunt for disloyalty in ranks,” I was depressed to learn from a retired senior Foreign Service Officer ambassador that in the past few weeks more than 20 seasoned Deputy Chiefs of Mission (DCM) have been fired… READ MORE

EXCLUSIVE FOR YALE62.ORG Hong Kong Cold, Part 2
By William Stork

Of the seven dwarves, I now identify with Grumpy. After ten days of self-imposed quarantine due to this virus… READ ON

By William Stork

(Ed. Note: We are once again exceedingly thankful to have Bill Stork on the ground in Hong Kong, where he generously gives of his time to write updates on what’s going on in his adopted home city. Most recently, he wrote of the demonstrations, but now he turns his attention to the deadly coronavirus.)

Here in Hong Kong it’s Super Bowl Sunday (though, due to the time difference, it’s actually Monday morning), but in HK it is hard to find a channel carrying the game. Television coverage has shifted from covering the anti-government protests to satisfying the information needs of the populace about the Wuhan-based novel coronavirus. … READ ON

1/15/20 Y62 INTERVIEWS

Classmate Bill Nye recounts some of the many profound changes he faced during the activist ’60s, following his graduation with the class in ’62. His adventures found him at the heart of social and political change in New York City. Recently, Bill sat down with Y62 Communications Team member Dick Riseling to discuss this time in his life, and what lasting lessons he drew from it.

Comments? Please comment here.

1/15/20 Hong Kong Heat continues

By William W. Stork

Our “man on the ground” in Hong Kong brings us a new update, and a useful Q&A … READ ON

1/15/20 Target Your Giving, and Feel Good

By Roman L. Weil

Making a gift to our alma mater? This is what I do; maybe this method works for you, as well. READ ON

1/09/20 The Iran Mess

By Stephen W. Buck

(Editor’s Note: team member Steve Buck spent the majority of his career as a Foreign Service Officer in the Middle East, including important years in Iraq where he served as Acting Ambassador. This op-ed offers his experienced views about the ongoing disputes and history between Iran and the United States, including each nation’s activities against the other and in the region. This piece was written and posted January 9)READ ON

12/24/19 Y62 Gathering in Seattle: March, 2020
Seattle Gathering

By Jim Wechsler and Roman Weil

We sent out a mailing to all Class members on Friday, Dec. 20. Members of your Class Council are planning a Gathering in Seattle for Saturday night, March 28, 2020, followed by brunch/coffee Sunday morning, March 29. A new and (North-)western location.

Please let us know if you are likely to attend. We’re posting this note on, in case you haven’t had a chance to read our email … READ ON FOR THE REST OF THE INFO


Y62 Couples Interviews

What are the special joys and challenges of living as partners in life and also partners in the workplace? We thought it might be rather interesting to ask some of our classmates and their spouses about just this very topic! We launch this new, innovative series with an interview with our Class Secretary John Stewart and his lovely wife, Jolly. They recently spoke with Y62 Communications Team member Dick Riseling via teleconferencing. We truly hope you enjoy the chat! If you’d like to post a comment on the video, please CLICK HERE.

12/24/19 The Whiffs Reunion: September, 2019

A holiday treat! Please enjoy Aj Lucka Lucka (above) and click here for candid photos of the happy event participants, as well as three more songs.


12/13/19 Envy vs. JealousyRoman Weil

By Roman Weil

No trick question here: How do you distinguish envy from jealousy?

I’ve carried around a distinction that an old mentor helped me work out several decades ago.

Recently, I quit writing textbooks and teaching full time so I have muuuch time on my hands and have been reading non-technical material for the first time in a looong time. I’ve discovered that I enjoy, and learn from, the essays of Joseph Epstein, former [or as he likes to say, quondam] professor of English at Northwestern. [His use of quondam, when he could just say former, is one of about only three words I don’t like in his writing.]… READ ON

12/11/19 Op Ed: Investing in Conservation Politics
Investing in Conservation Politics

David Bingham, responding to our class-wide request for Op Eds, immediately provided one for us to publish, concerning using our actions, financial and otherwise, to care for this precious world in which we live, and which we leave to future generations. READ ON

12/10/19 Why Rush to Judgment?

Following on the heels of our own Steve Susman’s interview with MSNBC last weekend, Y62 Communications Team member Dick Riseling reached out to Steve to write an opinion piece for his classmates here at

Please Note: we actively and enthusiastically invite other classmates to share their views, as well. Let us know if you’d like to write an opinion piece of your own!

In Steve’s article for us, he offers up a winning strategy for the Dems. Will anyone listen? READ ON.

12/10/19 Y62 INTERVIEWS

Classmate Charles Eisendrath has led a varied, adventurous life, as a Time correspondent in Washington, London and Paris, bureau chief in Buenos Aires and professor at the University of Michigan. His freelance work has appeared on NPR and in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, International Herald-Tribune and The Atlantic. And as our interview reveals, he’s now written a memoir entitled DOWNSTREAM FROM HERE: A BIG LIFE IN A SMALL PLACE. Recently, Charles sat down with Y62 Communications Team member Dick Riseling to discuss his book, and more.

Comments? You’re invited to make them here.

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